The Rebel Bomber

Let's be honest. It's not every morning we rise and shine feeling like we're ready to tackle the day. One way to help fix that? In my opinion, a badass bomber jacket. Mine happens to be this vintage one I found for $8 at a local thrift shop and it's just the amount of edge I need. Aside from the way I feel when I put it on, I also love that it is a unique find. If you're one of those people who can't stand the thought of shopping thrift, let me work with you on that. (I'm serious! I love taking people vintage shopping).

For this look you can make it more daytime and pair it with a casual silk dress and low booties (like I did), or by night - ramp it up for going out with your favorite pair of denim and some killer heels. Either way, never forget to embrace your inner rebel. Take a chance on an edgy vintage bomber and you might find yourself a whole new attitude.  

Photography: Molly Smith