Inside My Desert Inspired Bedroom

A bedroom should always say a lot about who we are. Of course, as we grow up our styles change - we get rid of things we don't need, accumulate more items and eventually go through the same cycle again. After I moved home from Australia I had two suitcases to my name. While it felt great to own so little, I was ready to begin a new chapter and start from the ground up. I was back in Minneapolis for the time being (always knowing I would head back to LA). I needed to have a space where I could recreate my life until I was back out west. My immediate inspiration was what I missed most - California.

My style goes through many phases of neutrality vs color, maximalist vs minimalist.. it always depends on my mood and surroundings. One thing that doesn't seem to change however is my fascination with the desert - the dry heat, minimal landscape, painted skies, and overall obsession with the colors. So naturally, for this space I went with my own take on it, aiming to create an atmosphere of comfort, creativity, and inspiration. Starting with a light neutral color on the walls - I chose Benjamin Moore's Opal in high gloss (my favorite finish!), then focused on textures and organic elements for the accents (i.e. my collection of pots and fabrics). Being the huge thrifter that I am I will always opt for the hunt of finding something unique. Everything in my room including my bedside table and lamp, an assortment of pots/vases, vanity mirrow and throw pillows I found at an antique or thrift store over time. If you're looking to go on your own adventure for furniture and smaller home goods, I recommend starting at my favorite spots around the city: Arc's Value Village, Turn Style, Retro Wanderlust, Findfurnish, Hunt & Gather, Urban Cottage, and Flamingos. There are so many gems in Minneapolis but these are just a few of my go-to's. 

Just in time to move back to LA, it made sense for me to reflect on the space I created for the time I was here. Now I can look forward to getting settled back into a once familiar lifestyle on the west coast and let it spark my future designs.

Early inspiration