Achieving Hydration with Dr Jart+

Let's face it - we all love to feel good in our own skin, right? Winter has said it's goodbye's, finally giving us a chance to achieve that bright, dewy and hydrated Spring/Summer glow we all long for. One of my solutions for all the above? Korean skincare brand Dr Jart+.

Inspired by beauty, Dr Jart+ uses science and art to generate breakthrough formulas through safe and effective ingredients. Their team consists of not only dermatologists, but forward-thinking designers and artists to create innovative products that combine modern technology with proven methods.

What began as my own sheet mask obsession has no doubt turned into a slight cult following of many other products that Dr. Jart+ carries. (You'll find some other favorites on my Instagram). As I've grown into my late twenties I've definitely seen a change in my skin, especially concerning hydration - or lack of. For the most part I am normal/dry (extra dry in the Winter) and my skin isn't too sensitive. We all want a routine that is simple yet effective.. well, I found that in Dr. Jart+. One thing I love is their many different products that do wonders for all skin types. They're great for sensitive skin too! When I started using the Ceramidin Gel Cream my skin fell in love - the addiction is real.


Dermaclear Micro Water

The Dermaclear Micro Water is perfect for a few reasons: You can use it as your first step at night to remove makeup before cleansing, or else I will use it to clean up any leftover makeup residue (aka that hard-to-get mascara). I also love the fact that it brightens my skin. Apply AM with a cotton round and you're good to go - a fresh face for the day. It's also unscented and works great on every skin type.

Dermaclear Trans-Foam Clay (Trio Pack)

Half mask half foaming cleanser, it's a must have multi-tasker. Great to use when you're in the shower because of the quick application. It can remove the base layer of makeup! Leave on for 3-5 minutes (now do your shampoo and conditioning!), then rub into circular motions with water and rinse. White Clay is for calming, Pink Clay is for moisturizing, and the Green Clay is for refreshing. Who doesn't need all of those things?


Ceramidin Gel Cream

This one was a game changer for me. Think hydrating and soothing. It's packed with ceramides - a lipid molecule that plumps the skin and sustains moisture throughout the day. The lightweight gel formula is easily absorbed and layers well under makeup. You can use it AM and PM.

ceramidin liquid

For the serum obsessed - this one's for you. A sister-act of the Ceramidin line, it works great under the gel cream I mentioned above. Another trick I do for daytime is mix it in with my tinted moisturizer for added hydration. It gives your skin that extra dewy, natural finish.