Flying High With My Airplane Essentials


Preparing for a trip is always exciting but packing can be tricky, especially if I'm off to a place I haven't been before or the weather will be changing a lot. One thing I will always be certain of however, is the importance of having the right supplies in my carry-on that will put me at ease and make me a much more pleasant person while on, and getting off the plane. Next week I am heading to Europe (ahh!) so there is no doubt I will have these by my side. This little bag of goodies covers all the bases - face, lips, hair and hands. The clear and sturdy case also makes finding things inside a breeze, and simplifies going through security. Time to fasten your seatbelt and relax.


Not pictured but still highly recommended:

Bottled Water - drink a TON of water leading up to the trip and while on the plane.  a well curated playlist - one for relaxing and one to get inspired!  Noise cancelling headphones - to make that perfect playlist you made sound even better. A magazine (or two) - nothing like some great inspiration while beginning a new adventure.  eye drops - BRIGHTEN THOSE GROGGY EYES!  Mini Toothbrush/Paste - INSTANT REFRESH AFTER THOSE COMPLIMENTARY BEVERAGES.  ibuprofen - NO EXPLANATION NEEDED.


Photos by Ilse Britt